You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

“You are not alone in faith; you are not alone in your community” comprised the theme of the Lighthouse Christian Center Haven retreat at Casey this past year. “Jesus did not intend for you to live your life alone,” says the retreat coordinator, Tyler McClung.

The Haven is a gathering of mostly young families, trying to follow Jesus, who strive to be shaped by the Scriptures, saturated in prayer, and transformed in the community. It started out with a small group within the church of families with young children, who found it difficult to find childcare to attend prayer meetings. The church offered up space for the children to be cared for while their parents attended the meetings. Over a period of four years, the group grew from eight families to more than 30 families. Today, in addition to a Bible study, the Haven has added potlucks (kids included) to their list of activities. They also “do life together” through play dates, dinners, and just hanging out.

After four years, a few of the members decided it might be fun to go on a men’s retreat. “We found Casey by searching online for ‘retreat centers,'” said Tyler, “and were immediately blown away by  what the venue had to offer. Our expectations were exceeded.”

In just the first 24 hours, the group spent time discussing Scripture related to their retreat theme and played a few games of basketball in the gym. Those not interested in playing basketball enjoyed playing pool, ping pong, and foosball in the game room. The 13 men attending the retreat stayed in the Alumni House. This turn-of-the-century Victorian home is perfect for groups of 10-21 people. The large living room is excellent for group meetings. Having a kitchen and dining room was perfect for this group who chose to make their breakfast and lunch but take advantage of the Casey meal service option for dinner.

Tyler commented that he was grateful to the Casey staff for their assistance from the very beginning. As he didn’t have experience with setting up a retreat, the Casey staff guided him through all the options and helped with making the most cost-effective decisions to accomplish the retreat goals.

If your group is thinking about getting out of its routine by going on a retreat, give us a call. Whether you are a small group of four, a large group of 400, or something in-between, we have lodging and meal options for you.