Words can Heal

Words can Heal

How we talk to God, each other, and ourselves

Pastor David Gerzsenye is no stranger to Whidbey Island or Camp Casey. He spent some of his youth growing up on the south end of the island and still has family here. Each of his five daughters came to Camp Casey with their 5th grade class, so years ago when he needed a venue for his church group retreat, Camp Casey was the obvious choice.

Over time, Pastor David’s Redmond-based Washington Cathedral started using Camp Casey for several of their groups and retreats – both winter and summer church retreats, men’s retreat, and leadership retreats. “When we arrive at Camp Casey, it’s like a family visit.” says Pastor David, “The staff are very friendly and supportive. They are like our brothers and sisters.”

This August, Pastor David brought his singles group for their annual summer retreat with the theme: “Words can heal: How we talk to God, each other, and ourselves.” He points out that most of his group is middle aged and almost ⅘ of the group are divorcees. “Washington Cathedral is a recovery oriented church, so it is natural that the singles group has a strong presence in the church.” He goes on to explain that the Church focuses on the Gospel as it is written and strives to create an atmosphere of love and tolerance.

The agenda for the four days at Camp Casey was divided into gatherings for breakfast, energy and praise music sessions, and breakout sessions. Afternoons were open to what was billed as “free time and/or adventures”. Pastor David listed several local favorites as suggestions:

·        Explore Lavender Wind Farm on North Beach Road

·        Hike the north beach at Deception Pass

·        Picnic or walk the beach at Camp Casey

·        Visit historic, downtown Coupeville

·        Take the ferry to visit historic Port Townsend

After dinner, the group gathered for singing before going on a sunset walk where they are asked to use the time for silent reflection. After the walk, they once again break into small groups for themed discussions, hallelujahs, and praise! Saturday night featured a Lip-Sync/Talent Contest.

Staying in the BOQ offers lodging, kitchen and dining, as well as meeting rooms. Groups like Washington Cathedral Singles find the facilities and surrounding area to be conducive to building community and relationships, while being able to cook their own meals adds to the bonding and social interaction between members.