Winter Retreats

Winter Retreats

Don’t let the change to cooler, wetter weather fool you into thinking it’s time to stay at home and indoors. Groups coming to Casey in the fall and winter find that building relationships and lasting friendships have very little to do with the weather, and much more to do with creative planning.

The views from Casey on a cold winter day are spectacular! So much so that the Coupeville Chamber of Commerce hosts their annual Jingle Trail Run at Casey and touts “Sweeping ocean vistas, crisp winter air, and very likely an eagle or a deer sighting — the Jingle Trail Run on Camp Casey Trails and in Fort Casey State Park will be unlike any other run you have done before.” The weather in the winter can be unpredictable, but if you catch a few dry hours, getting outside can be quite rewarding.

When not outside, groups will often use imaginative decorating and accessorizing ideas to transform their meeting spaces. We’ve seen personal touches used like string lights draped around columns and from ceilings, throw rugs placed behind the microphone stand for the speaker or performer to stand on, and dried flower arrangements hung on the walls. For an added festive look, one recent group ran long strands of cloth below the ceilings to add dimension to the room.

When the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities, groups turn to our Auditorium A or Gymnasium for indoor activities and games. The Auditorium floor space is 72′ x 36′ and the room has a large stage, while the gym is a three-quarter-sized basketball court with two basketball hoops and hardwood floors. We even have a game room with pool tables, ping-pong tables, and a foosball table.

Looking for lodging, meeting space, and meal service all in one location? Casey is perfect!  We are remote enough to leave your daily distractions behind but close enough to make the trip convenient.