What an age diverse group

What an age diverse group

Family members traveled from 13 different states

It was Evette Hackman’s turn to plan and host the 24th biennial family reunion and it was no surprise that she chose Camp Casey for the big event. Evette, a former associate professor for Family and Consumer Sciences at SPU for 13 years, has had lots of experience visiting Camp Casey. Whether it was for the annual faculty retreat, department workshops, or simply a long weekend away with the family, Evette always enjoyed being able to get away and unplug in a historic setting surrounded by vast natural beauty.

Like most modern families, the Hackman family, originally from Nebraska, has branched out to numerous states. What’s unique about them however is their commitment to get the family together every two years for a family reunion. This year, 72 members of the Hackman family, ages 7 to 95 years old, gathered at Camp Casey for four days of getting reacquainted, bonding, and fellowship. Family members traveled from 13 different states to participate in this year’s reunion. The farthest family member drove in from Erie, Pennsylvania.

What did they as a group find the best attribute of having the reunion at Camp Casey? “Being able to provide activities and things to do for such an age diverse group of people has always been the challenge,” said Evette, “Camp Casey’s surroundings are so diverse, however, that everyone was able to get outside and enjoy nature. The children and younger groups spent most of their time on the beach, while some of the older groups enjoyed the hiking paths through the forest. Everyone enjoyed visiting nearby Fort Casey and the Admiralty Head Lighthouse”, explained Evette. “There was even plenty of accessible walking paths for the ‘over 90s’ group to enjoy.”

People who have brought their groups to Camp Casey for retreats, reunions, workshops, or camps all share similar stories. Camp Casey boasts broad open fields in a historic location surrounded by diverse natural beauty. Whether you prefer beaches, forests, or wetlands, we have it all. Interested in history? Fort Casey and the Admiralty Head Lighthouse are just a short walk away.