What a great resource for SPU Alumni!

What a great resource for SPU Alumni!

“They are very much about making the experience the best it can be”

In 2000, SPU Alumna Lisa Espinosa and her husband decided it was time to start some family traditions with their young sons. They set out in search of a nearby campground for an annual father/son camping trip.

“We got off the ferry and drove by Camp Casey. I had been there as a peer advisor back when I went to SPU, so I remembered that they had camping facilities, but I didn’t know they had this amazing campground,” Espinosa said. “We went and looked at some other campgrounds, but we just thought that it’s a small campground, it’s kind of intimate, for a small group it’s perfect.”

It came as a surprise to Espinosa that SPU Alumni are able to rent the Conference Center for special events, at special alumni pricing.

“We tell our friends – Did you realize there is this great thing we can use for a discount?!” she said.

Since their discovery, Espinosa and her husband have visited Camp Casey Campground nearly every single year. The father/son camping trip is still held each June, followed by a family trip in August. Over the years their tradition has grown substantially. One year they had over 20 families join them for the family camp.

“My boys look back on that and have great memories,” she said. Her grown sons still make a significant effort to attend the trip every single year, which she partially credits to the fun Camp Casey atmosphere.

“I think it’s an amazing collection of activities that are all in one place. You have hiking, swimming, biking. You can do field games, there’s a gym, a beach, camping. Then you can walk over and actually visit the bunkers. You can also go shopping in Coupeville or Langley,” she said.

Over the past five years, Espinosa has used Camp Casey Conference Center to hold scrapbooking retreats as well. She is a consultant for a scrapbooking company and says that, out of 17 years of hosting events, Camp Casey is the best venue she has found.

“My favorite thing is that it is so close and there are so many activities, so people can always find something they love there,” Espinosa said. “Every time I go there I just take a deep breath and think – this is so amazing. It has a very serene, peaceful sense about it.”

One thing that stands out to Espinosa is the outstanding staff at Camp Casey. “They are very much about making the experience the best it can be,” she said.