Three Surefire Ways to Build a Roaring Campfire

Three Surefire Ways to Build a Roaring Campfire

Hanging out around a campfire is a great way to make memories at Camp Casey. For windy days, here are three fire-building techniques to try:*

  1. Pointer – A pointer is piece of wood about 3 to 4 inches in diameter and 6 to 12 inches long. Set it in the middle of the fire pit, pointing into the wind. Place tinder (dry, shredded wood or paper) next to the pointer, on either side. Lay kindling (thin piece of wood) over the pointer. Light tinder on the side toward the wind, and when the kindling is burning well, add more kindling and larger wood.
  2. Lean-to – Push a green “lean-to stick” into the ground at a 30-degree angle. The top of the stick should point in the direction the wind is coming from. Place tinder under it and carefully lean kindling against it. Light the tinder.
  3. Fire stick – Place two small rocks, about 10 inches apart. Lay a piece of kindling (referred to as a fire stick in this description) across them. Push a large handful of tinder underneath fire stick. Lean thin kindling sticks against the side that is opposite to the direction of the wind. Build up the fire lay with pieces of wood. Light the tinder.

To extinguish, sprinkle water on the embers. Stir the wetted-down embers with a stick. Sprinkle with water again. Dig the wet ashes into the ground. A fire is not out until the last spark has been killed.

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*Boy Scouts of America handbook (circa 1965)

Photo provided by Cascade Loop.