This is how our Sea Lab gets restocked!

This is how our Sea Lab gets restocked!

Established in 1984, Emerald Sea Dive Club is one of the oldest scuba diving clubs in Washington State. The club is comprised of all levels of divers who share a passion for the ocean and diving in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. The club also plays an important role in collecting sea life for the Camp Casey Conference Center Sea Lab.

The Emerald Sea Dive Club has been collecting sea life for Camp Casey for about 20 years. The club is open to anyone with an interest in diving, even those who do not dive themselves. Members include locals and people from around the country, who visit the Northwest to dive and join the group on dive trips to other parts of the world. Members are rewarded for taking diving classes and are treated to monthly guest speakers.

“There are so many wonderful shore dives in Washington. We charter boat dives so we can dive the hard to reach dive spots. We host dive trips around the world. We do pier and beach cleanups for our community. We have annual events for club members like a club picnic, a club holiday party, a club camping and diving trip,” Ali said. “Many of our members are scuba instructors so we are always offering continuing education classes.”

For Ali, diving presents a tremendous opportunity for education and conservation. She explained that sea life health is a barometer for the health of our oceans. Because of diving she has seen first hand the effects of low oxygen on sea life in Hood Canal.

“Before I was a diver, when I looked at the water I saw inky blackness. I couldn’t imagine the life that I would find down there. From my very first dive to every dive I’ve done since I am amazed by the life I see,” Ali said. “Sea life is so fascinating. Who doesn’t think it’s cool that sea stars have eyes on the tips of their arms, or that octopus have three hearts?”

“As divers we think it’s important to support educational programs like the Camp Casey sea lab. We want others to see what we see when we scuba dive,” Ali said. “Once you see that life you are compelled to learn about it, to love it and then protect it.”

Emerald Sea Dive Club is always accepting new members. The club meets at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at   Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill & Pub   in Everett, WA. For more information visit: .