“Students clearly love this camp and look forward to it every year”

“Students clearly love this camp and look forward to it every year”

Camp Casey has many groups that return to visit each year; and some like Crossroads Bible Church even created a video to advertise their program. Their tag line for this year’s retreat was: “Military base? Barracks? Mess Hall? Oh my! This fall camp has become a great time to get away, build fellowship, make tons of fun memories, and learn about living like Jesus.”

Crossroads Bible Church Junior High’s retreat this past November 7th – 9th included 80 students and staff members. While Kellan Peterson, Junior High Director, was a first timer, she states that the students look forward to their time there every year and my predecessors at the church have always run camp there.

Describing their Junior High goals, Crossroad’s state: “a student’s life can be confusing, stressful, fun, dramatic … all wrapped up into one… So many students today are in need of someone to show them how to live life. They look at adults for examples of how to go about life. We have the wonderful opportunity to help them do that by letting them be a part of our lives.” Kellan said “the kids loved that they could run around and play hide-and-go-seek at the fort and the ability to play football and other games on the open field during both the night and the day.”

So while it is part of a former Military base (Fort Casey) and they did stay in barracks – Kellan said the rooms were clean. They ate in a Mess Hall – where we can provide two meal options served in our newly remodeled Mess Hall. We also offer auditoriums, the largest of which seats 350. Among its many features, it has a built-in PA system, DVD/VCR player, mounted digital projector, electrically- operated screen, and upright piano. Our gym offers a three-quarter size basketball court upstairs and a game room with ping pong, foosball and pool table downstairs. We have three outdoor volleyball courts, multiple soccer fields and four outdoor full-size basketball courts. Crossroads mentioned that they took advantage of all of these with the great weather they had during their stay.

When have you ever seen the words awesome and barracks in the same sentence? We think you’ll find a similar experience at Camp Casey.