Spring Retreat Lifts Spirits

Spring Retreat Lifts Spirits

Capitol Hill is the most densely populated residential district in Seattle. It’s also home to Calvary: The Hill, a church started nine years ago as a prayer meeting in a small studio apartment. This spring, Calvary staff and congregation left the city to hold their fourth annual church retreat on Whidbey Island. It was their first time to Camp Casey, but certainly won’t be the last.

“We’re already making plans to return next year,” said Matt Abad, one of the four pastors. “Although we went in spring and were met with poor weather, we still really enjoyed ourselves. That says quite a bit.”

The beach walks and abundant wildlife helped to lift spirits.

“Our kids had a blast pointing out deer, rabbits, and different birds,” Abad said. “One family drove by a field and spotted a tree with seven bald eagles in it.”

What struck him most was the dramatic mix of history and nature.

“You can go to a camp and just appreciate nature. But at Camp Casey, you also have this context to appreciate human feats,” said Abad. “It was just a wonderful privilege to both appreciate human accomplishments in history, as well as the beauty of the natural world. That is something truly unique to Camp Casey.”

Capitol Hill’s median age is 30.  Calvary: The Hill’s congregation reflects that, with many singles and young families. The wide range of accommodations make Camp Casey convenient for such diversified groups. It provides affordable lodging for families, while still offering nice options for singles. To book your retreat, contact Robyn Myers robyn@spu.edu.