Sharing and Science

Sharing and Science

Casey isn’t just a place for sports camps and group retreats; it’s also an ideal venue for a multidisciplinary earth system science workshop.

That may sound odd since Casey isn’t known to be a research facility.

The recent science workshop focused on the distinctive glaciological, geological, oceanographic, and climatic aspects of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. So why then did the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) initiative select Casey as the site of their 24th annual workshop?

The 2017 WAIS hosts were Knut Christianson of the University of Washington and Ted Scambos of the University of Colorado Boulder. Scambos says that Casey provided the necessary meeting room space for the more than 80 people attending the workshops, plus lodging and meal service. “Being able to provide lodging, meals, and meeting space all in one location is critical for our gathering. It’s not just about conducting the workshops; equally important is being in an environment that fosters relationship building and community.”

The researchers and scientists who gathered for the WAIS workshop traveled from more than 17 universities and research facilities, and seven different countries. What the organizers of the WAIS initiative have learned is that the advancement of the research and data collection becomes more efficient and effective when the teams collaborate and share techniques, technologies, findings, failures, and challenges. Collaboration and sharing are much more potent between colleagues who have developed a personal relationship and are part of a community. Casey fosters community.

Your group doesn’t need to be made up of the world’s foremost Antarctic researchers to benefit from getting away from the daily distractions. Casey offers groups like yours the ideal place to reflect, excel, discover, and grow. Give us a call!