Relaxed Atmosphere and Sense of Community

Relaxed Atmosphere and Sense of Community

What keeps you coming back? That’s one of the questions we posed to the Program Director of the Cascadia Irish Music Week. Randal Bays’ answered with: “Camp Casey is ideal in that the location is self-contained. We are able to house our students and instructors all in one location, take meals together, and have ample breakout spaces for 10 teachers and 80 students to conduct various classes and lectures.” It keeps the focus on learning and recreates the “community” atmosphere that Bay has felt when traveling to Ireland.

This August was the 2nd   year that Ceol Cascadia brought their Cascadia Irish Music Week to Camp Casey. Ceol is Gaelic for ‘music’. Their mission is to preserve the heritage of Irish traditional music in the Pacific Northwest, and the musicians that travel to the camp are all accomplished teachers. They feel that music is best learned in a relaxed atmosphere of mutual respect between teachers and students, and the non-class experiences at the camp – sessions, concerts, informal chats – are an important part of absorbing the music. When you review the 2014 Faculty, you immediately grasp their dedication. Seven of the 10 teachers traveled from Ireland specifically for this event. The instructors are some to the top players in their field with awards such as   All-Ireland Senior Champion ,   Young Traditional Musician of the Year , and   Best Traditional Album of the Year . Students travel from all over the US and Canada to attend the music week.

Students are treated to a comprehensive schedule. The daily schedule includes three 75-minute class sessions focusing on particular instruments and technique. There is ample time remaining to take in various other classes such as Basic Ear Training for Folk Musicians or to find a quiet area and practice lessons learned. When walking around Camp Casey during Cascadia Irish Music Week, you can often see and hear musicians under a tree or down by the beach playing a tune. Music flows from what seems like every building. The evening schedule includes sessions, concerts and dancing. The idea behind the evening schedule is for   everyone   to get to play in sessions, as much as possible.

Camp Casey is ideally suited for a group looking for a venue that could provide for multiple meeting spaces that allows for 10 or more simultaneous sessions in a self-contained location. We have over 18 buildings that combined, provide for all your housing, dining and meeting needs. Flexibility is key. We can handle large groups of up to 500 persons , and small intimate groups of six persons. Groups at Camp Casey enjoy meals provided by our onsite Dining Services team. You’ll have a tasty range of options and plans based on the needs of your group. Meal times can be adjusted to your group’s programming needs. Vegetarian options are available at every meal.

If you are interested in learning more about Ceol Cascadia, Irish Music Association of the Pacific Northwest, please visit their website at .