Quieter Times at Camp Casey

Quieter Times at Camp Casey

Camp Casey is experiencing more visits from deer these days as the camp closes down temporarily in response to the Governor’s mandate to stop gatherings. They are enjoying uninterrupted grazing on the lush green parade field. Remote working is the new normal. Some of our operations stay the same, but we are missing our guests! The barracks and historic homes are silent as we close lodging through the end of April due to COVID-19.

It is a time to reflect and connect in new ways to clients and employees. Beach walks and heritage forest hike breaks are a welcome respite and provide us with much rejuvenation and no worries about social distancing. 

The team at Casey is taking this time to utilize existing supplies to update the interiors and exteriors of buildings. Auditorium B is getting a new outside stairwell and many spaces will see fresh paint inside and out!   

Our hope is to see you again soon. Reservations in the fall can be a great option if you need to delay your spring event. If you have yet to make plans for a retreat, please give us a call. We are booking a year out and would be happy to talk through your goals and plans for your getaway. 

I am praying for a careful and productive time with your organization and family during this time.

Robyn Myers

Conference Services Manager at Camp Casey