Plan Now for 2021 Spring Sea Lab Experience

Plan Now for 2021 Spring Sea Lab Experience

Some of the most remarkable wildlife at Camp Casey Conference Center is found at the Sea Lab. Students in small groups tour over a dozen aquariums as they learn about wildlife, usually only seen on the sea floor. The scheduled tours offer an intimate look at underwater discoveries from March to June.

The Sea Lab collection varies from year to year, but visitors can expect to see crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, mossy rocks, sea cucumbers, and sometimes even an octopus. The local creatures live in tanks for a few months, where they thrive in circulating sea water, providing a safe and healthy environment. The creatures are then carefully returned to the Puget Sound in June.

Live specimens for the Sea Lab are gathered in two ways. One is by members of local dive clubs, including the Emerald Sea Club from Edmonds. The second is called Beach Seine. This provides another educational opportunity for a small group scheduled ahead of time. Using a motorboat near shore, the instructor drags a 150-foot net through the water, which students help pull ashore from the beach to examine the fish and marine life. Afterwards, the specimens are either returned into Puget Sound or put into containers for transport to the Sea Lab.

It’s not too early to begin planning for Camp Casey’s 2021 Sea Lab season. The number of tours and the sizes of groups for either the Sea Lab tours or the annual Beach Seine are limited, so reservations are required. Beach Seine is also dependent on weather conditions and low tide.

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