Meals from scratch 

Guests often enjoy their meals in the freshly remodeled Mess Hall A, which provides a bright, clean and welcoming space for diners and newly added restrooms. There is a second mess hall on the campus as well as the option for outdoor bbq’s and sack lunches.

Kearney often prepares uniquely tailored menus for each group that visits Camp Casey. The number of guests and type of group play into her decisions on what to serve. Guests can submit requests for special dietary restrictions and allergies, which are accommodated as much as possible.

“It does not matter whether it is a group of 20 or 300 the kitchen operates in the same manner,” Kearny said. “As viewed from the outside it is orchestrated chaos, but inside it is a well tuned symphony, playing out their various roles in metered time to produce the perfect score.”

The eclectic kitchen staff includes a retired Navy cook, an author, a horticulturist, an actor, a microbiologist, a farmer and several nurses. “The diversity helps us achieve our goals.” Kearney said.

“In the summer, we will be serving on average 600 meals per day. The most important thing we want the guests to take away from eating at Camp Casey is a positive experience,” Kearney said. “We hope not only to achieve this through the food and its presentation, but also with how the staff interacts with the guests.”