Making  Memories

Making  Memories

Rainier Christian Middle School students don’t just survive – they THRIVE!

Rainier Christian Middle School students don’t just survive – they THRIVE!  That’s their motto and their focus is on educating and developing the whole person for the glory of God – spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically.

We love it when former camp attendees, especially SPU alumni teachers, come back to Camp Casey with their students to share in the same experiences the teachers had as children. An SPU Alumna visited Camp Casey again this past May. In keeping with one of the schools goals of “maintaining intellectual curiosity” and being a “life-long learner”, teacher Angela Pierotti accomplished both of these. She brought 60 students, parents, and teachers from the 6th grade of Maple Valley Elementary and Kent View Elementary to experience nature, build friendships, and grow closer to God. This trip is a culmination of the school year where they’ve researched words such as biodiversity, conservation, crepuscular, and habitat to prepare for their studies. While at camp, they receive additional instruction from the 6th grade teachers about animals, soil, and fire. In addition to being a favorite activity among the students (and adults), attending the Sea Lab and Beach Seine classes further reinforce learning.

Students enjoyed time building forts on the beach, playing sports on the field, hide-and-seek in the woods, and rock painting at the picnic tables. They visited Fort Casey for a few hours exploring the different levels of the fort and sharing their discoveries with friends. Several of the groups also went to the nearby Admiralty Head lighthouse to visit the museum and climb to the lantern room. During the Beach Seine class they were able to help pull in the net and view fish and invertebrates up close. Thanks to being blessed with beautiful sunny weather during their stay, one of the first things the group did was taking their “RCS” picture on the field.

Another highlight was signing and releasing “boats” into the ocean. Each student received a small block of wood that was called a “boat” and was tasked with writing their first name, boat number, and a school email address on the boat. After everyone was finished, the group walked down the beach and on the count of three threw their boats into the water. It was fun to track the boats and look for patterns of the way they travel as they are found and reported.

Angela said “it is incredible to return to Camp Casey now as an RCS teacher … I am able to witness my students making many of the same memories I made in elementary school. Camp Casey is a special place.  I look forward to returning next year.”

Would you like to continue your childhood tradition and make more memories at Camp Casey?