Looking for a unique setting?

Looking for a unique setting?

Did you or your group plan a retreat this year?

Matthew Kieswether, youth director at LifeWay Church in Federal Way, is no stranger to Camp Casey. Camp Casey was the venue for a weekend retreat for students while he was enrolled in SPU’s Master of Arts Teaching (MAT) program, and has since taken his family to Camp Casey for family camping outings. It should come as no surprise that when his church was looking for a unique setting, something historic and surrounded by natural beauty, Camp Casey was the obvious choice.

Matthew and his 36 youth and adults knew as soon as they arrived at Camp Casey that they had made the right choice. “The barracks were awesome”, says Keiswether, “it was a good way to provide an environment where students and adults could connect to one another”. The group also used the South Commons Building for their craft room and group meetings. The mess hall provided meals for their retreat. What about price? Matthew said the price for the camp was good in comparison to other camps they considered for the retreat.

 Apart from lip sync battles, sword fighting on the fields, playing basketball, spending time on the beach, climbing the batteries at Fort Casey, visiting Admiralty Head Lighthouse, and enjoying evening camp fires, there was plenty of time to create this entertaining YouTube video:  fb.me/sCDursZa

The LifeWay Church is a non-denominational church in Federal Way involved in missions around the world and is devoted to “making disciples who make disciples”. The mission of LifeWay Youth Ministry is to be a community committed to Christ and to His work in the lives of middle and high school youth. “Everything we are and everything we do as a church begins with what we believe. The truths that God has revealed are what hold us together and dictate the life and future of the church”, says Keiswether. Keep a close watch on yourself and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right, and God will save you and those who hear you. – 1 Timothy 4:16

Churches and faith-based organizations have grown to know that Camp Casey Conference Center is the right place for all ages of their congregation to worship, rest, and enjoy fellowship. Church groups can worship on the beach, hear speakers in comfortable meeting rooms, take nature walks in the nearby Fort Casey State Park, play lively outdoor games on the former parade ground, and much more. Church groups can also choose from two auditoriums with capacity for 75 to 350 people. Other meeting spaces are available for smaller groups. The multipurpose buildings are perfect for chapel, seminars, or workshops. Auditorium A is equipped with a large movie screen, public address system, and stage. 4 If you are planning your next retreat, we would love to help you with your plans. YouTube videos are optional.