JOY -Jesus, Others, You

JOY -Jesus, Others, You

“You need to break out from your routine to hear what God has intended for you,” says Kaye Peterson, Seattle Pacific University Class of 1992. Kaye speaks from experience. During a time of adversity for her, a time when she wasn’t sure how many more curveballs life could throw at her, she received a message that was entirely out of character for her.

Standing on a bluff at Casey, reflecting on “what’s next,” she heard a message from God to run a camp to teach and preach to thousands. She was quite surprised because public speaking wasn’t high on her list of talents or desires. Furthermore, she didn’t have any event promotion or planning experience. Nevertheless, her faith and understanding of how important it is to be obedient to what God calls you to do set her into action.

As she shared her experience with her friends, unexpected opportunities started to present themselves. Slowly things began to come together. Relationships were formed with others who eagerly joined in to assist and organize a women’s spiritual retreat. As it turned out, she wasn’t the only one who was called upon to start such a  retreat. The next thing she knew, a network of like-minded women, motivated to share their stories and contribute to a retreat, was formed. Break Free and Break Out 2018 is the result of this energy and commitment. For a couple of days in May 2018, more than 40 women gathered at Casey to worship, learn, and share.

The retreat featured 11 unique sessions and workshops. Session and workshop titles and topics included: Setting your Priorities, the Resurrection of Eve, Prophetic Painting, Prophetic Activation, Simple Christianity, Reset your Prayer Life, and Dreaming with Your Eyes Wide Open. A worship service and a speaker filled the mornings, the sessions spanned the daytime hours, and the evenings were capped off with worship and panel discussions. “The attendees were not just presented sermons,” Kaye added. “Everyone was encouraged to participate by sharing their stories of how God showed up in their lives, and most of the sessions included lots of interactive activities.”

Attendees were given two excellent choices for lodging. They could either stay in the Alumni House (fully-restored Victorian house), or in one of the Company Quarters. They enjoyed meal service in our Mess Hall A. Could your group or organization benefit from a retreat or conference? We would love to talk to you about some ideas and options for your gathering. Contact us today.