“I think it’s become a tradition for our program.”

“I think it’s become a tradition for our program.”

The football team at Seattle Preparatory School makes the trip to Camp Casey Conference Center each year for their annual summer training camp. Utilizing the spacious fields and open bay barracks, Seattle Prep spends three to four days running drills and building morale for the upcoming football season. According to Head Coach, Garrett Cook, Camp Casey is a perfect destination for their camp.

Cook said. “It’s something the kids look forward to and it’s conducive to learning football.”

The secluded, yet spacious, locale of Camp Casey is a main draw for the Seattle Prep team. “One of the great things is that everything is contained, they can’t just wander off,” he said. “I’m confident the kids won’t get into trouble, and I like the ability to keep all the boys in the barracks and keep everyone lassoed up,” he said.

In addition to the spacious play fields and accommodations, Cook said he really appreciates the natural aesthetic of Camp Casey. One of his favorite things to do after a hard practice is visit the beach, or just look out over the water and relax.

Cook said he believes that the price and access to amenities is much better than other locations they have explored, especially for a youth camp. “It doesn’t crush parents to send their kids up there,” Cook said.

The Seattle Prep group takes advantage of Camp Casey’s prepared food program in the main mess hall. The group has also used the campus gym for workouts and the amphitheater for talent shows and presentations.

Cook said he appreciates the way Camp Casey structures the pricing to give groups ultimate flexibility in designing their experience. Pricing is based on the number of attendees, rather than the number of buildings used. This gives the Seattle Prep team access to a variety of buildings and amenities, without an additional cost burden to the team.

He recounted an experience last summer when a student had a concussion and needed to be monitored throughout the night. A separate sleeping cabin was allocated, without an extra fee, to be used as a place to take care of this unexpected circumstance.

Camp Casey is recommended for any organization that is looking for an affordable place to host a group event, Cook said.