Homemade meals keep you at home!

Camp Casey is a special place. Steeped in history and surrounded by incredible natural beauty, it’s very important to us that our staff appreciate and exude all that Camp Casey has to offer. Barb and Fred were high school sweethearts before getting married 18 years ago. They moved back to Oak Harbor along with their two children in 2006. Barb, a 12-year Navy veteran, learned her culinary craft from her grandmother at an early age. Fred, who has a degree in culinary arts from The Art Institute of Seattle, has worked in the restaurant business most of his adult life but credits his mother for his passion for cooking.

It doesn’t take long to get the feeling that ShoNuff Foods is deeply rooted in family tradition. What better presence to have when you are being served a homemade meal at camp? You’ll experience the difference when you try their home made scones or fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies.  Do Barb and Fred appreciate and exude all that Camp Casey has to offer? You bet they do! 

Book your next retreat or sports camp at Camp Casey and experience it for yourself.