Friendships and Good Times

Friendships and Good Times

But, until now, we were not aware of any “love connections” that have resulted.

Over the years when discussing our campers’ experiences, we’ve shared memories of friendships and good times spent on the grounds of Camp Casey. But, until now, we were not aware of any “love connections” that have resulted.

A recent discussion with Seattle Pacific University alum Danny Walter produced both. Having spent the summer of ’92 as an SPU day camp counselor, he said it was the best summer of his life. As a camp counselor he frequented our neighbor Ft. Casey by day, leading activities and playing sardine (yes, it’s a real game … look it up!)

His fondest memory, however, is sharing the barracks with other day camp counselors and the cleaning and landscaping staff during that summer. While they worked hard during the day, they had the evenings to themselves. Those nights were filled with forming new and long-lasting friendships. They enjoyed playing games like Uno, basketball, volleyball – and partaking in all the other amenities the camp had to offer. A product of the relationships they built was the Thomas Parker Club. On the heels of the “Dead Poets Society” movie, Danny and his friends looked for a similar outlet. Every Wednesday, within the dark walls of Thomas Parker battery with candles lit, the friends shared readings, thoughts, and dreams for the future. It is a practice that has continued over the years – just not always on Wednesday nights and no longer on the grounds of Camp Casey. Just another example of what forming strong friendships will bring into adulthood.

Fast forward several years to Danny becoming a member of the improv team for Taproot Theatres. By the way, did you know that   Taproot Theatre Company   was founded in 1976 by six friends, five of them graduates from SPU? As part of this traveling troupe, they provided the evening’s entertainment for a faculty retreat at Camp Casey. Enter the future Sarah Walter. Sarah has always spent a lot of time at Camp Casey organizing faculty retreats and this evening was no different. The two had an opportunity to meet and the rest is history. He and Sarah actually spent their honeymoon at Camp Casey.

Danny is a writer, actor, and recently has become house manager for the Edmonds Center for the Arts. His wife, Sarah, works at SPU as the executive assistant to Jeffrey Jordan, vice president for student life at SPU.

Do you have an alum story to share that involves Camp Casey? We’d love to tell all our readers.