Four Reasons to Plan Time for Sunsets

Four Reasons to Plan Time for Sunsets

When planning a gathering at Camp Casey Conference Center, there are many pastimes to enjoy. Favorite activities include exploring nearby Admiralty Head Lighthouse, walking along the beach, catching a deer grazing on the grounds, or raising the flag in the morning. However, sunsets should also be integrated into the schedule.

“I often remind organizers what time sunset will be so it’s incorporated into their program,” said Robyn Myers, conference services manager. “Looking at the vastness of the sky over water fills you with such a sense of serenity. Every night is different. While most are pretty, some are simply spectacular.”

Here are four reasons to plan time for sunsets:

  1. Gets you outdoors. Although many groups do schedule outside activities, it’s easy to forget that something so grand is happening right outside the door each evening.
  2. Great way to check in. This is a good way to collect the group to reflect on the day, or just drink in the beauty, while still social distancing.
  3. Easy on the eyes. No matter how many times one sees the sun sinking behind the Olympic Mountains, it is always awe-inspiring.
  4. Perfect ending to the day. Gathering smiling faces lit by sunset and a campfire for songs and fellowship is a tradition that creates lasting memories.

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