Forest & Meadow Walk - What an Education

Camp Casey Forest and Meadow Walk is a hit among our Outdoor Education groups!

The exceptionally diverse habitats that surround Camp Casey Conference Center make it an ideal location for meaningful outdoor education. One of the most popular outdoor education classes offered by Camp Casey is the Forest and Meadow Walk.

The two-hour walk takes guest through the trails behind Camp Casey, which travel up to the north, looping through a forest and a meadow and back into the forest again. The varied landscape of the trail provides the perfect opportunity for instructor Keith Ludeman to teach students about the different plants and animals that inhabit the area.

“The main thing is just to get the students to learn and understand how we affect everything. How we affect nature, just by walking through it,” Ludeman said.“ I point out all the different tress and plants I can and how they affect us and we affect them.”

Another part of the lecture includes information about staying safe in the wild. “There are a number of plants up here in our environment that are poisonous and I explain why you don’t take things and stick them in your mouth,” he said. “There is one plant that if you break the plant you’ll get a rash, and then a water blister and then your skin will be permanently dark brown.”

The forest and meadow walk engages student’s senses and helps them connect with nature in a way that is impossible to replicate in the classroom. If you are interested in booking a Forest and Meadow Walk for your group, visit and fill out our reservation request form.