Faith, Friends and Fellowship

Faith, Friends and Fellowship

“None of us had any experience or history with organizing such a retreat, so we looked to something close by and convenient”

Several months ago a few men at the Trinity Lutheran Church noted that it had been years since they, as a group, had gathered to discuss and reflect on what’s really important to them in their lives and to learn from each other’s experiences.   According to Tom Nielson, a small planning group was formed to organize a Spiritual Retreat. “None of us had any experience or history with organizing such a retreat, so we looked to something close by and convenient” said Tom. “What we did know is that we needed a location where lodging, meals and facilities for meetings and breakout sessions were co-located.”

Everyone knew of the presence of Camp Casey Conference Center north of Freeland, but they had no idea how well the location, lodging, meals and facilities where going to work out for them until they met with Robyn, the center’s Director. Tom credited Robyn as being instrumental in figuring out what facilities would be best suited for the retreat and getting everything organized and setup. The group of 34 ended up staying in Barracks H, where with the exception of meal service, they were totally self-contained. With lodging on the first floor, and meeting spaces on the second floor, they were able to hold their general meetings, breakout sessions and their lecture series all in the same location.

This year’s retreat theme was . Tom’s comment was that the unique historic setting, combined with the scenic natural beauty of Camp Casey made for a great environment for community and reflection. All came away from the retreat renewed in their faith, and strengthened by the fellowship. They are looking forward to making this an ongoing event.

Trinity Lutheran Church in Freeland, WA is a church where all are welcome. About 60% of the members at Trinity Church do not have Lutheran roots – rather Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic backgrounds. Many have come to Trinity with little or no church background. Their backgrounds and beliefs are diverse. Their social commandment to the community is extraordinarily generous.   In addition to providing scholarships to local students and supporting Helping Hands and the local Food Bank, they make their auxiliary building available to groups for meetings at no cost.