Experience nature in a safe and fun environment

Experience nature in a safe and fun environment

According to the Alliance for Childhood, a non-profit advocacy group, children today spend 50 percent less time playing outside than their parents did 30 years ago. The Alliance for Childhood also found that children ages 10 to 16 spend an average of 10.4 waking hours nearly motionless.

The repercussions of inactivity are well documented. Inactive children have higher rates of obesity, diabetes and poor health habits as they grow into adulthood. Encouraging children to play outside is a great way to encourage physical activity and help them learn about the world.

Camp Casey serves as a fun and affordable option for children, families, schools and clubs to experience nature in a safe and fun environment. Our outdoor education programs provide hands-on activities that evoke excitement from children and adults alike. At Camp Casey, guests can touch and explore sea life, enjoy the beauty of a forest ecosystem or find outdoor fun roasting marshmallows by a seaside fire.

Taking time to get away from the everyday distractions allows children and adults to form a different kind of bond – a bond built upon shared experiences and memories, along with a deeper connection to nature.

Our facilities are enjoyed by scouting groups, nature clubs, sports teams, school children, musicians and everyday regular families looking for a unique place to spend time together.

Consider Camp Casey as a jumping off point for your outdoor adventures, and help us build a new generation of active, nature-loving kids!