Everett Quilt Guild - 3rd Annual Retreat

Everett Quilt Guild - 3rd Annual Retreat

Practicing their craft and enjoying community

When you think of quilting, perhaps most of us envision images of Amish quilts. The fact is that forms of quilting can be traced back to 100 BC and patchwork quilting in America dates to the 1770s. These late-eighteenth- and nineteenth-century patchwork quilts often mixed wool, silk, linen, and cotton in the same piece, as well as mixing large-scale and small-scale patterns. A perfect analogy for a group of 35 enthusiastic quilters who banded together in 2012 to form the Everett Quilt Guild. The guild is a group of men, women, young, old, some retirees, some on fixed incomes, those new to quilting and those who have been practicing the art for years. Once a month this diverse group meets to practice their art as a community. They quilt, work on projects, and listen to one of their own present on a topic such as quilting tips and tricks.

Aside from their bond over quilting, they provide community service to Everett and the surrounding Snohomish County. Just after the Oso tragedy, more than 15 quilts were donated to affected families. Last December, they donated scarves and hats, and 63 quilts to Christmas House to be distributed to low-income families. Their sense of community carries through in all their activities.

On a warm weekend in April, they joined together at Camp Casey’s BOQ for their 3rd annual retreat. Why Camp Casey? Sue says “the price is right,” and it’s an easy drive from Everett. There are also two quilting shops on the island – one in Freeland and the other in Oak Harbor – for them to visit when they find themselves in need of more supplies. The BOQ also has a large kitchen, allowing the group to serve up planned meals throughout the weekend.

The weekend retreat wouldn’t be complete without a few games. One of their activities involves each member contributing squares and “fat” quarters. These contributions end up in giveaway bags as prizes in their raffles. Showcasing one’s work is a large part of the community spirit. Boards are laid out with a sampling of members’ designs and patterns. Shared appreciation of each other’s work is quickly realized as they show off quilts in progress and those completed.

It’s no coincidence that the Everett Quilt Guild chooses Camp Casey as its annual retreat location. Being able to set up workstations for all their members in the large hall, while dining and lodging under the same roof, provides the ingredients for community and bonding.