Enrich Your Camp Casey Experience With American Flag Traditions

Enrich Your Camp Casey Experience With American Flag Traditions

Many fond memories from camp are traditions like skit night, singalongs and campfires. The hoisting, lowering and folding of the American flag are daily traditions at Camp Casey. Currently, we’re keeping a flag flying 24 hours a day, with a light illuminating it.

Flag Day is June 14, making it the perfect time to reflect on flag-related activities you may choose to incorporate into your group’s Camp Casey experience. Ask the office about availability prior to check-in for your group. Camp Casey Conference Center has two flag poles and provides the flags. Depending on how many groups are staying at the conference center, you may be joining others in these activities.

Hoisting and Lowering: Every morning after sunrise, two people hold the flag while one attaches the flag to the halyard (rope) by clipping snap hooks into the grommets. One person raises it briskly, keeping it close to the pole by holding the line rather taut, then wraps the halyard around the cleat. The flag is lowered slowly in the evening, before sunset.

Folding: After lowering the flag, there’s a proper way for two people to fold it. First, it’s folded lengthwise in half, then once more into quarters (also lengthwise), with the blue field (stars) on the outside. One person holds the blue field while the other makes a triangular fold at the opposite end and continues to fold into triangles until the end.

Mourning: Under some circumstances, the flag flies at half-staff. If you’re at Camp Casey on such a day, first hoist it to the peak of the pole, then slowly lower to halfway down the pole. When ready to take it down, raise it to the top first, then slowly lower.

Although it only takes two people to hoist, lower or fold the flag correctly, everyone in your group may participate by observing these ceremonies daily at Camp Casey.

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