Dads Mentoring Others with Voices of Experience

Every so often a group chooses Camp Casey solely for the convenience of being able to meet in well-equipped meeting spaces, with food service and lodging at a modest cost. This past September we hosted the Dads Mentoring Others with Voices of Experience seminar organized by DadsMOVE director, Nelson Rascon.   DadsMOVE is a family-focused, dads-driven peer group providing support, training, advocacy, and resources to the parents and families of special needs kids, and their local service providers. The group is comprised of parents, caregivers, and family members who firmly believe in paying it forward, so others can experience success and recover for their own families. This was not our typical group seeking out a historic or scenic venue with beaches, forest, wetlands, and historic structures.

When asked why a dads support network, Rascon replied, “The short answer is men and women are different; we each think, feel, and react, and interpret things differently. As dads, we are more likely to enlist the advice of other dads/male caregivers who have had experiences similar to our own.” He added that 70% of marriages with special needs children end in divorce. In addition to providing a support system to its members, DadsMOVE also works with local police and first responders to educate them in recognizing the symptoms of special needs children. When police and first responders come face-to-face with someone with special needs, it helps to be able to recognize a person’s diagnosis and respond and react appropriately.

DadsMOVE is a proud partner of the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, and provides a long list of trainings to assist parents and communities with mental health recovery. This past September, the group held a two-day seminar at Casey, presenting training related to collaborative parenting, de-escalation, handling “not your everyday” every day stress, stopping bullying, and understanding Washington State’s children’s services. When Rascon was asked why he chose Casey for their seminar venue, he responded, “Our group is very cost conscious. Being a non-profit organization solely dependent upon donations, we need to carefully prioritize how we use our limited resources.” He went on to explain that there is no charge for attending their seminars. In addition to the seminar, the group absorbs food and lodging costs for the attendees. They even provide gas cards as well as train and bus passes to families to cover transportation costs. For more information about DadsMOVE, visit .

Camp Casey is the right choice for a large variety of groups. We are proud to provide meeting spaces, open fields for outdoor activities, lodging, and meal service at a reasonable cost. Historic structures, light house, forests, beach, and wet lands come at no additional charge.