Childhood Memories Lead to Ultimate Camp

Childhood Memories Lead to Ultimate Camp

A childhood memory of sports camps at Camp Casey played a big role in bringing a group of 30 students here this summer to participate in a new four-day program. 

‟Camp Casey has been on my mind practically my whole life,ˮ said Xtehn Titcomb, co-owner and general manager of the Seattle Cascades Ultimate Disc Team and one of its professional players.  

When he and two other pros from the team were looking to offer an overnight camp for youth, he remembered what this place meant to him, and everything fell into place. 

Over the course of the camp, kids slept in bunk houses, ate in the mess hall, and did a variety of Ultimate disc training sessions suitable for all levels of players. They also experienced many team-building games like “Sardines” and Frisbee golf.

‟From a logistics perspective, it went smoothly. Food and housing — two big things — are so straightforward and easy to plan,ˮ he said. ‟On top of that, the fields are right here. The forests, beaches, and even indoor spaces are all within walking distance. Plus, Whidbey Island has such cool scenery and so many fun things to do.ˮ 

Ultimate disc is quickly gaining popularity, with programs now throughout the Seattle School District. There is even a good possibility it will be a new sport in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. 

‟It’s really accessible. All you need is a disc and a field. And as a non-contact sport, it utilizes a lot of skill and strategy, not simply speed and size,ˮ said Titcomb. 

The sport is also self-officiated, which teaches conflict resolution and holds players to a high level of integrity. When the Seattle Cascades play professionally, they use referees so the game moves along more quickly and is more spectator friendly. The Seattle Cascades season runs from April to August. To learn more, visit

Titcomb says they are already expanding their summer youth program at Camp Casey next year. 

‟We are hoping to lock in two different dates, in order to offer the camp twice in 2020,ˮ he said.