Catering To-Go and Auntie Jackie

Catering To-Go and Auntie Jackie

Q&A with “Aunt Jackie” at Camp Casey catering

We caught up with Jackie Catanio-Huerta, owner of Zanini’s Catering, who serves guests at Camp Casey Conference Center and the Fort Casey Inn. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: With the pandemic, what are some changes you have made for guests? 

A: Rather than a traditional buffet, we now pack all our dishes in sealed “to go” containers. We always exercise best practices during preparation, including wearing masks for the safety of each guest.

Q: What are some of the guests’ favorite dishes?

A: Cinnamon rolls are their favorite, with my lasagna coming in second.

Q: How are things working out for guests with the new catering at Camp Casey? 

A: I believe the guests are loving the convenience of having a breakfast bake ready for them to reheat on their first morning. The smell of fresh cinnamon rolls fills the air, creating a sense of comfort and home, adding to the ambiance of their experience.

Q: What is special about your cooking style and your flavor profiles?

A:  I love to cook comfort food with flair, so each guest may have what I call a “ratatouille moment” when they eat my food, maybe jarring a sweet memory from their past. My flavor profiles are rich, earthy, with savory spices and a robust kicker.

Q: What do you look forward to preparing for guests once the pandemic is behind us?

A: I look forward to the large group dinners, when our guests come in from their fun-filled day outside, and end it with a warm home-cooked meal. We consider you all a part of our family and miss you!

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