Casey Hosts SPU Faculty, Staff, & Alumni

Casey Hosts SPU Faculty, Staff, & Alumni

On President’s Day weekend, three groups with ties to Seattle Pacific University, visited Camp Casey for an extended getaway. Casey has been owned and operated by Seattle Pacific University (SPU) since 1956 and has been hosting students, faculty, staff, and alumni ever since.

Alumna Lisa Espinosa (’85) comes out to Camp Casey multiple times a year. This most recent trip was for one of her regularly hosted scrapbooking events. She brought nearly 30 of her fellow scrapbookers to the Bachelor Officers Quarters for a weekend of camaraderie and time to work on projects.

“I don’t think people realize the hidden gem this place is,” Espinosa said of Camp Casey. “We’ve built a lot of memories here. It feels like coming home.”

“It’s important to remember our memories,” Espinosa said. “The power of an album is important to look at.”

With bedrooms on the second floor where the group could sleep, a large gathering space on the first floor to work on projects, and a commercial kitchen for preparing meals, the Bachelor Officers Quarters (BOQ) has everything her group needs in one location.

While the scrapbookers were busy making mementos, Kristen Hoffman, her husband, and three children were staying in the Faculty House during the holiday weekend. Kristen is SPU’s Psychology and Scholarly Communications Librarian, and she’s also an alumna of the University (’04).

She said that she loves “the sense of being away from everything for a while.” Hoffman said her children like going to the shore and throw rocks in the water or make structures out of the driftwood on the beach. “It’s like camping, but with a kitchen.”

Being within walking distance to the ferry at Keystone Harbor located adjacent to Fort Casey State Park, the Hoffman’s have walked onto the ferry and visited downtown Port Townsend.

“You can walk-on and have a fun day of exploration over there,” Hoffman said.

Kyla Truscinski (’18), who is a student employment manager at SPU, organized a retreat that was inspired by past experiences when she was a student from 2014 through 2018. While in school, she would attend women’s retreats that were organized two times a year at Camp Casey.

“When I attended this retreat as a student, it was such an enriching time,” Truscinski said. “Me and a group of gals were frequent flyers of this retreat.”

She and her friends had been talking about organizing the retreat for years and made the trip over President’s Day weekend where they stayed in the Alumni House.

“I love everything about it,” Truscinski said adding “my first memory of Whidbey Island is going to Camp Casey.”

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