Camping Improves Sleep?

Camping Improves Sleep?

Circadian rhythms – is not a group of musicians who will be spending a retreat at Camp Casey! We are talking about the human “body clock” that anticipates day and night and determines our sleeping habits. Sleeping habits, or the lack of good ones, can result in everything from morning sleepiness and accidents, reduced work productivity and school performance, substance abuse, mood disorders, diabetes, and obesity.

A 2013 study by the University of Colorado Boulder has found that sleeping in a tent can improve your health. How? If you abide by the sun’s schedule, you’re more likely to go to bed and wake up at a reasonable time. Just spending a weekend camping outside resets the human “body clock” and ultimately could help those who have difficulty getting up in the morning.

Camping exposes your internal clock to more bright light in the day, and less at night. This can result in changes to your alertness levels, mood, physical strength, and time of sleep. Dr. Kenneth Wright of the University of Colorado study says, “Artificial lighting means we tend to stay up way past sunset.” Getting away from artificial lights, alarm clocks, and smartphones, just for a weekend, exposes us to a regular summer day/night cycle, roughly 14.5 hours of sunlight, followed by 9.5 hours of night. This exposure pushes our biological urge to sleep back a few hours, closer to sunset.

The outdoors, especially if you’re a city dweller, are crucial for your mental health. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that just a few minutes walking in nature can reduce depressive symptoms. Stanford University research shows that spending time outdoors can reduce obsessive, negative thinking that could potentially lead to mental health issues. We’ve written about the benefits of taking a break from technology – turning off your cell phone, leaving your tablet and laptop computer at home, and just disconnecting. And let’s not forget, camping is a great way to spend quality time together with friends and family.

Ready to start planning a camping trip this year? Our Casey campground has 25 campsites. Each campsite has water and electricity, as well as a picnic table and fire ring. Some sites accommodate RVs and tents. Men’s and women’s showers and restrooms are available to campers.

Come camp and sleep well!