Camp Casey’s Campgrounds

Camp Casey’s Campgrounds

Camp Casey Campground has 25 campsites with water and electricity at each one. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring.

Spring camping sounds like a pretty crazy idea. But before the summer crowds arrive, Camp Casey’s campgrounds are even more peaceful, offering a different landscape – even at the beach. Groups like the Redmond based Church of the Holy Cross have been coming to the campgrounds of Camp Casey for the last 23 years. Their members have been spending a weekend at the campgrounds of Camp Casey – while taking advantage of our pool, beach, bluff, trails and fields.

As most resources will tell you, the key to a successful winter camping trip is having the right gear. Whether you take your camping to the backcountry for snowshoeing or pack everyone into the car, the right equipment will make winter camping enjoyable.

Our Tips: Select your Destination and Check the Weather forecast.    Consider your limitations and expectations. Do you enjoy cold weather? Do you like sleeping in the snow? Always be prepared for a change in the weather—winter storms are often unexpected!

Make sure you dress appropriately.   Dress in layers to help you regulate your body temperature. Pack clothing according to the climate you are camping in. According to The Lightweight Backpacker, three types of layers are normal: “a liner layer against your skin, an insulation layer (fleece) and a water and wind proof outer shell.” Cotton is never recommended in winter. Always use wool or synthetic materials. And don’t forget your boots – waterproof leather or plastic.
The Boy Scouts remember   C O L D:
C   Clean – dirty clothes lose their loft and get you cold.
O   Overheat – never get sweaty, strip off layers to stay warm but no too hot.
L   Layers – Dress in synthetic layers for easy temperature control.
D   Dry – wet clothes (and sleeping bags) also lose their insulation.

Winter camping equipment.   Make sure to select a sleeping bag that is rated for the temperature of your destination or warmer. For extreme winter weather conditions be sure to pack a 4 season tent. And be sure you have extra fuel for your camp stove.

Think Fire.   When you arrive, start your fire before doing any other setup. Plan ahead and always pack fire sources.

Prepare Hearty Meals.   Cold weather requires hearty meals. Canned soups or stews are great for lunches. And don’t forget to bring plenty of hot chocolate, coffee, tea or apple cider.

Wear Your Clothes to Bed.   Stripping down before you get into a sleeping bag doesn’t make sense. Put on everything you brought before you turn in for the night. And if the campfire is still going, heat some water, pour it into a heat-proof water bottle, and snuggle into your bag with it.

Pack a book or something to keep you entertained at night.   The nights are longer, so it’s nice to have entertainment at night. Bring a book to read while in your sleeping bag, or if you are car or RV camping, bring a computer and watch a movie.

Camp Casey Campground has 25 campsites with water and electricity at each one. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring.   Some sites accommodate RV’s as well as tents. Men’s and women’s showers and restrooms are included in your rental. Cost is $25 per site, per night.