Building Life Skills

Building Life Skills

Sports camps offer a unique opportunity for high school athletes to boost their visibility while improving their skills and abilities. At first glance, the main reason to attend a sports camp would be to develop one’s skills in their chosen sport. However, there are so many other benefits that sports camps provide the young athlete. Here at Casey, we have a compelling story to tell in support of that statement.

Throughout the year, various lacrosse, soccer, cross country, volleyball, football, and basketball teams come to Casey to hold their sports camps. It’s no secret that one of the most popular features of Casey is its extensive playfield. After all, there aren’t many places that can accommodate two football fields and four soccer fields simultaneously.

What may surprise many is that when coaches talk about what attracted them to Casey, the top answers are not related to the playfield. The top answer coaches give when asked what brings them to Casey year after year is a location surrounded by beach, forest, and wetlands. Coaches are quick to point out that sports camps provide children an opportunity to build independence, social skills, and self-discipline.

One of the best things about attending a sports camp is that it provides a way for children to make friends. While the exercise and personal skills are positive, providing a child with an opportunity to meet others with whom they can interact is especially valuable. To ensure a balanced program, groups like the SPU Falcon Running Camp include planned recreational and team-building activities.

Camp Casey Conference Center’s most popular package for public and private sports leagues is the Sports Team Weekend Package. The package offers three days and two nights of lodging and at least five meals. This affordable package gives athletes the opportunity to take advantage of our extensive, versatile, and well-groomed field space, as well as other recreational activities. They will also engage with nature and the fascinating history of the region, while sleeping in Camp Casey’s historic barracks and exploring Fort Casey itself.