Amphitheater with a twist

Amphitheater with a twist

When you think of amphitheaters, your first thought might go to Rome. If you’re a music fan, you’ll probably envision Red Rocks or the Gorge. Here on Whidbey Island, you might imagine sitting out by Deception Pass and listening to a park ranger. But here at Camp Casey, we have our very own amphitheater deep in the woods at the Thomas Parker battery, including its very own fire pit.

Why should that interest you if you’re planning a retreat or camp outing? Imagine the possibilities. Several years ago, the INN University Ministries filmed a recording at the battery. While you might not have a video production in mind, imagine the fun you could have climbing and exploring the batteries. Or, how about holding your own group activities outside at the amphitheater?

Many of our group retreats hold large-group performances, ceremonies, and presentations inside of Auditorium A. The rounded stage at one end is approximately four feet high and the auditorium can hold upwards of 250. It has a built-in PA system, two microphones, combination DVD/VCR player, mounted digital projector with laptop and iPod connector cables, mounted electrically- operated screen, upright piano, floor or table-top podium, banquet tables.

But if your presentations don’t need that type of equipment, how fun would it be to hold something outdoors? Singing contests. Presentations. Lectures. Your very own Shakespeare theater in the round! Perhaps you’d just like to use the fire pit (we have multiple options including two at the beachfront). Not feeling creative? That’s okay, we have lots of other outdoor activities we can help you with.

Our Fort Tour provides you with a history of the fort, the disappearing guns, battery commanders, and mortar pits. The Lighthouse Tour will take you to Admiralty Inlet and provide a history of the lighthouse as well as its Fresnel Lenses. Is your group younger? What about a Forest Scavenger Hunt, where students will walk through the forest exploring native and non-native plants? Lastly, we can help you arrange a Food Waste, Worms, and Forest Walk at Fort Casey State Park to help students understand that worms can decrease our garbage and benefit our garden soils.