A rare kind of connection - Find it here!

A rare kind of connection - Find it here!

 Seattle Pacific University Alumni comes to Camp Casey for a Family Retreat!

Three years ago, Kristi Spengler and a small group of Seattle Pacific University Alumni decided to get their families together for a summer trip. Remembering the time they spent as students at Camp Casey Conference Center, the group decided to try renting the Alumni House for a four-day trip. That trip became the beginning of a yearly tradition that has bonded the families and facilitated a lasting connection among the friends.

“The kids love Camp Casey and start planning what they will do there months in advance. We swim at the onsite swimming pool, we play volleyball on the grassy area in front of the Alumni House, the kids use their scooters on the sidewalk, we have a beach bonfire and eat smores and sing praise songs together.” Spengler said.

The Spengler family and friends found that the central location of the Alumni House is ideal for families with children, mainly because of the wide variety of outdoor entertainment options within walking distance. Camp Casey is also a place where they feel safe letting their children roam free.

“It gives the kids a chance to have freedom that they wouldn’t have in the city. They can go outside and play and we know that they are safe. They get a sense of independence and play outside all day, just like kids used to do,” she said. “It truly feels like a gift we give to our kids. They have a place to run and play and feel safe.”

The group also enjoys hiking in the woods and exploring Fort Casey with headlamps, making forts out of driftwood and flying kits in the huge field. In the evenings they can all pile around the Alumni House’s large dining table and enjoy a meal together.

“It is great family time with minimal electronics. The best kind of family fun,” Spengler said. “The kids love sleeping in the bunk bed rooms. They all become closer friends, and at night while they are asleep, all of us adults can reconnect.”

The Spengler family and friends have found that Camp Casey allows them to form a rare kind of connection. They grow as friends, and their children have a chance to bond through a shared summer tradition.

“This past year a dad ordered t-shirts for all the kids. They are bright orange and say ‘Camp Casey’ on them. Even the moms and dads wore them!” Spengler said. “It was so fun. We really felt like we were at a camp! The kids wear them to school and tell their friends about Camp Casey.”