A Norman Rockwell Experience!

A Norman Rockwell Experience!

Since its inception in 1987, the non-profit organization Concerts on the Cove has been dedicated to providing the Whidbey Island community with enriching performance art that is affordable and accessible to all residents. Barry Rix, Officer in charge of Programs and Sound, donates his time and equipment to help make the events successful.

In 1992, Concerts on the Cove built and donated the Coupeville Town Park Pavilion, where many summer concerts are hosted. Events held during the rainy, colder months need a suitable indoor auditorium space. Four years ago the group found that Camp Casey Auditorium provided a perfect fit. The space is about four times less expensive than other indoor venues on the island and newly renovated, Rix said.

“The admin. at Camp Casey is top notch. They are very easy to deal with and their rates are very reasonable, as we try to return the money’s to the locals through scholarships given out each year,” Rix said. “Their new restrooms for the auditorium are fantastic. Bringing in equipment is very easy, and their new sound deadening additions work very well.”

“We bring in talent from around the world and present it to Islanders at a minimum cost, usually less than $25 per concert per adult with kids free,” Rix said.  The group dedicates funds raised from the concerts to projects that benefit Whidbey Island schools and students. They have installed new sound equipment in the high schools, organized bus trips to Seattle to attend top performances and hosted Shakespeare workshops on the Island.

Concerts on the Cove describes its program as “A Norman Rockwell experience,” where “Adults can relax and their children are free to be children — to play in the park while being exposed to the arts.” For more information and a full list of performances visit the Concerts on the Cove website:   www.concertsonthecove.org