21st century music-making 

21st century music-making 

Editor’s Note: This event has been canceled.

This June, nearly 100 musicians will arrive at Camp Casey to participate in the Common Tone Arts Music Academy. In addition to focusing on strong music fundamentals, the Music Academy will introduce a rigorous and bold curriculum of mixed chamber groups, improvisation, composition, American pop, world music, and the entrepreneurial business skills that will create fearless and vibrant artists. Dr. Brian Chin, director of the Common Tone Arts Music Academy, says “we are nurturing a new generation of musicians and artists that will inspire positive change for our diverse world and become proactive instigators of collaboration within their own communities.” Chin is an associate professor of music at Seattle Pacific University, where he serves as director of instrumental studies and coordinator of music theory. He is very active in the music world including solo and orchestral appearances, commercial music, teaching, and leadership positions with music projects and associations.

Chin explains that the purpose of the academy is to supplement traditional music education with expanded skills and tools to inspire musicians to engage in an ever-changing musical landscape and share their creative vision with the world. The camp is set up for training the next generation of musicians to lead, create original music, thrive in the new economy, embrace technology, engage world and popular music, and build community.

While at Casey, and free of usual distractions, the attendees will benefit from the availability of multiple meeting spaces for classes, lodging, and meal service, all in one location. In addition, the large capacity auditorium provides ample space to accommodate the midday panel discussions, as well as the evening group rehearsals. Class session rotations will include chamber music, world music, fundamentals, improvisation, and composition. The Common Tone Arts Music Academy website states: “Your days will be filled making great music with your colleagues and our world-class faculty. But you will also have ample time to explore beautiful Camp Casey’s miles of beaches, play games on a huge grass field, and enjoy campfires at night. Take time for hiking the trails, swimming in the pool, and find plenty of space to practice and create.”

The Common Tone Arts Music Academy June 25, 2017 – July 1, 2017. Participation is open to everyone and is intended for serious music students ages 14 – 22. To find out more, please visit http://commontonearts.com/academy-about .