2016 Northwest Herb Symposium

2016 Northwest Herb Symposium

Gathering of acclaimed educators and practitioners

Rarely does one find such a large gathering of nationally acclaimed educators and practitioners in the field of herbal medicine as was seen at“Botanicals at the Beach,”the . The following are names you might expect to see individually as guest lecturers of integrative health programs at your local college or university, but not collectively at one event.  Michael & Lesley Tierra, Amanda McQuade Crawford, Jillian Stansbury, Ryan Drum, EagleSong , Evans Gardener, Katolen Yardley, Netta Zeberoff Fominoff, Elaine Sheff, Denise Joy, Julie Charette Nunn, and Leslie Lekos all contributed to the immense learning experience to those who attended.

Bringing these highly recognized individuals to one location for a four-day (two half-days and two full-day) provides for an extensive schedule of talks and workshops. There was a general track with workshops for all levels, a track for practitioners (aimed at physicians and other health care professionals), and a track for beginners, including herbalists and kids. What makes this symposium so special is that everyone took lodging and meals together at the same location, with mornings and evenings filled with activities that promote community and discovery.

Imagine starting your day off at daybreak with yoga led by Leslie Lekos, voted Best Yoga in Bellingham for eight years in a row; or doing a marine walk with Ryan Drum, one of the most respected and experienced herbalists and wild crafters in North America today. To wrap up the symposium, the keynote address was given by Joseph Pizzorno, founding president, now president emeritus, of Bastyr University. Bastyr is the first fully accredited, multidisciplinary university of natural medicine in the United States. And finally, before participants left Camp Casey, they all joined in a closing circle led by EagleSong, a fourth generation gardener and community herbalist.

Generally, symposiums are stacked with back-to-back lectures and classes. Not the case here. Yes, the days were filled with learning options, but the entire experience included lots of connections happening outdoors, and community bonding indoors, during the catered meals and movie night. The event organizer and SPU alumnus, Jay Johnson says: “Camp Casey was the ideal choice for the event. Its natural setting and energy, as well as being able to have lodging, dining, and meeting facilities all in one location, is what sets Camp Casey apart.”